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There are so many ways you can earn a living while traveling. Some people prefer to pick up jobs in the locations they visit, for example, restaurant jobs, jobs at campgrounds or maybe even a farm.

If you’re like me, you’d rather earn money online and have it be something you can turn into a business. There are many things you can do and over the years I’ve found and completed several online courses and they give you all the instruction, direction and support you need to learn the skills so as long as you have a strong internet connection when you’re traveling, you can do this!

WP Rockstar & GeekPack

If you think you’d like to learn how to create websites but you don’t want to spend the time or money to get a college degree then this course is for you!

WP Rockstar Course

Julia Taylor created this amazing course that helps women (and some men) build businesses creating websites. The course walks you through creating websites step-by-step and you really can start making money even before you finish the course. She also offers an amazing Facebook group called GeekPack that is FULL of people at all levels of her course and their businesses.

And not only are there people always in the group who also went through her course, she also has a team of people who monitor the group 24/7 to answer any questions that you might have. So if you’re working with a client and you’re having an issue when building a website, you always have a place to go to get answers and advice. It’s the best group on Facebook!

Check Julia out on Instagram @julia_the_geek

She also has a really terrific free Facebook group that is very active giving so much great information. You can join by clicking Screw the Commute

Remote Work

90 Day VA

One of the most versatile businesses that you can start is a Virtual Assistant simply because there are so many different tasks that you can specialize in. You can start out with just one or two, learn as you go then expand once you learn.

And because so many people are starting online businesses, many of them are looking for virtual assistants to help them with their daily workload so starting a VA business can be very lucrative.

If you have skills from previous jobs, they can definitely be used to start your business but, even if, you don’t have skills you can learn by taking the online course, 90 Day VA by Esther Inman.

This course teaches you everything from managing client calendars and email, social media management, writing blog posts, and video and podcast editing plus much, much more.

They help you find clients and there is also a supportive Facebook community so the course is well worth the price. You could make your money back once finding your first client!

Instagram for Success

From the #1 Lifestyle and Travel Blogger, Helene Sula, Instagram for Success is a fantastic course to teach you how to use your website and social media (mainly Instagram) to earn an income online. Her course goes into great detail on how to use social media and your blog to generate an income through affiliate marketing and sponsored posts. The course is very detailed giving you everything you need to know to implement all the things!

And if you like following travel bloggers on Instagram, check her out @heleneinbetween

Pixistock Membership

Like above, if you love the idea of earning a living from using Instagram but you’re not camera savvy then Pixistock is for you. It’s a yearly membership where you get beautiful stock photos along with content calendars, strategies, planners, content, and reels courses.

There is so much information in this course and Alicia walks you through how to use Instagram and create content that attracts your ideal client.

If you’d like to get an idea of the types of content you will learn, check Alicia out on Instagram because she shares great content. Her ID is @pixistock

Design Your Dream Year

If you need a boost in figuring out what business to start or just want to be able to manifest the life of your dreams, check out Allison! She’s amazing and her courses will definitely benefit you in figuring out how to get yourself in alignment, every step you need to manifest anything (including money), and teaching you about the Universal Laws to manifest anything! Follow Allison on Instagram @designyourdreamyear

These are just a few of the fantastic online courses out there to help you get started in making an income or starting your own business. I wanted to talk about these because I have personal knowledge and experience with each one of them!

What is something you’d love to learn so that you can start your own business? I’d love to hear so leave a comment below.


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